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2017 Macao International Online Movie Conference
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2017 Macau International Online Movie Conference was held on 6th June in Macao Studio City Hotel, and The First Macao International Online Movie Contest was started simultaneously. On the same day, the new brand of Macao Commercial Post -- "Live Macao”was launched, and the forum on "Short Video Business Mode" and "Video Commercial Advertisement Implantation" plus related salon were held too.

The First Macao International Online Movie Contest was hosted by China (Macao) Comprehensive Development Research Center, co-sponsored by Macao Commercial Post, Macao Cultural Media Federation and Chinese Elite overseas edition.

Build online film and television IP

The conference invited the vice president of Ergengtv.Ltd and joint founder Ceoi Zigit and Mr. Ho Siutin, former CEO Southern Metropolis Weekly, Southern Metropolis Entertainment  to launch a keynote speech, meanwhile Saihei Zoeng, Taiwan micro film creation association director; Lau Feijin, deputy secretary of Guangdong province Internet audio-visual media association chairman; Cai Anan, chairman of Macao Film Association, and Syun Dung,  Deputy President of Hong Kong TV were also invited as salon guests to share the ecological building of micro video of urban image in the context of the internet.

The agenda also includes a road show for TV and variety shows and a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation. It aims to build an interactive platform of industry chain for people engaging in online film and TV production including early-stage creation, mid-term investment of shooting, and late-stage display & transmission. Meanwhile, national tour will be carried out to ensure the continuity of the events influence, where the collected works and scripts from the contest will be shown to provide more opportunities for the high-quality online film and television IP, and promote the deeper strategic cooperation among different parts of the film and television industry.

Discuss commercial operation

Taking Macao unique IP building as entry point, “Live Macao” project intends to highlight the characteristics of multicultural blend of Chinese and Western style to form a online television with Macao characteristics. It includes: producing micro documentaries of  all walks of life in Macao like shops, catering, non-heritage culture, tourist attractions, shopping and entertainment; commercial exhibitions and live shows; cultural and making films of cultural creation or film and television talent shows; and online variety show set in Macao. It is dedicated to creating a valuable IP content to attract more people to care and love Macao with the help of online television influence of “spreading fast with wide audience”.

It is understood that short video has rapidly developed into a large-scale content entrepreneurship form, which not only brings huge returns, but also brings a new shuffle of social platforms. In the era of content and information, how to carry out commercial operation has been effectively discussed in the forum.

Create an international  cultural brand

Under the background of global integration, the organizers said, Macao will utilize advantage resources of the bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, acting as the important role of international culture operation center on “The Belt and Road”. The online video conference means to  attract the domestic and international cultural creative talents together to build theme film  and television programs and dedicated IP for the bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao , and construct a healthy investing and financial environment for this area, while building a healthy ecological circle for cultural and entertainment industries and promoting the prosperity of outstanding online film and television culture. We can explore and display the diversified cultural elements and help Chinese culture to successfully "go global" through Macao's international platform.