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The 11th Asian Brand (Macao) Ceremony
Date:2018-01-11   Source:Opal International   Hits:times

The 11th 2016 Asian Brand (Macao) Ceremony co-sponsored by, China Asian Economic Development Association, China Commercial Post, Macao Commercial Post and Macao Cultural Media Association was held in Macao from 28th to 30th December. More than 500 figures including leaders from Asian countries, brand leaders, experts and scholars, financial professionals were present.

Mr. Wong Linzau, former deputy director of Finance Office of the NPC Standing Committee, Mr. Hung Gingjyun, Vice president of the China Institute of Economic System Reform, and  Hong Kong SME Development Association President Mr. Zungdai along with other have conducted an in-depth discussion and interacted with present guests on various issues such as "Cultivating the Artisan Spirit and the Leading Brand", "Brand Continued Sustained Innovation and Brand Revolution" under the strategic background of “The Belt and Road”.

Mr. Wong Gingung, Asian Brands Group founder and CEO was present and launched  globally "Big Brand Price Evaluation Information Systemfor the first time, whose new interpretation of the data, big brands, big value concept and its analysis for brand evaluation model of Asia brand were warmly received by the guests. "2016 Asia Brand China Brand Top500", "2016 Asia Brand China's Listed Brand Top100and "2016 Asia Brand New Three Board Brand Top100" and other related awards were also released during the meeting.

The Asian Brand Ceremony has been successfully held for ten sessions since 2006. It serves thousands of famous Asian enterprises and has become an important bridge to the world.

Asia Brand Association of System (ABAS)  , organized by the Asian Brand Joint Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee and the State Council Economic Bureau of the State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Research Center, School of Business from Renmin University of China, inviting more than 30 famous experts and economists from Asia, Europe and the United States to organize and compile "(ABAS) system". It focuses on making fair and impartial evaluation from various index factors including market performance, development potential, quality level, and benefit level of participated enterprises and brands.